Lineless Painting Tutorial

Here’s a fun Photoshop tutorial if you’re interested in my illustration style. Enjoy!

Lineless_Painting_Tutorial_pg1A Lineless_Painting_Tutorial_pg2 Lineless_Painting_Tutorial_pg3 Lineless_Painting_Tutorial_pg4Lineless_Painting_Tutorial_pg5 Lineless_Painting_Tutorial_ Lineless_Painting_Tutorial_pg7 Lineless_Painting_Tutorial_pg8 Lineless_Painting_Tutorial_pg9 Lineless_Painting_Tutorial_pg10

This just in!

Greetings citizens, Captain Freeagle here!

All of the weekly installments for Issue #1 have finally been posted online, so to celebrate I’ve broke out five bottles of whiskey! Why is this? Well, I don’t do things in fifths – I go the whole way, which is the American way, so five bottles it is!

Speaking of big projects, Issue #2 is in pre-production and it might be some time before that sees the light of day. You see, my scientist squirrel friends are helping me assemble it all together, one saddle stitched page at a time. We’ve got a ridiculous story to tell, but I’d like to tell it when it is all finished. It seems to be a lot easier to follow the story that way without getting lost.

In the meantime, I’m thinking about changing things up a bit with my webcomic to bring in some more laughs with a new format. Every Wednesday, starting next week, you’ll see a new comic panel that tells a story or joke all in one page! I’ll also be changing up the format to be more mobile friendly so my readers with their fancy-schmancy cell phone device things don’t have to turn their device ninety degrees to read it. Whoa! Its the future!

In addition to that, there are some planned enhancements to the website planned for late this summer to make the experience more mobile friendly with less scrolling for users across the board. I’ll let ya’ll know more about that once those changes are in. I think you’ll like the new layout!

Well, I’m just about out of whiskey already. I might as well break out that case of Buff Light. What can buff do for you? I have no idea, but I’m about to find out!

See ya next week!

– Captain Freeagle

Future webcomic direction

Hi all,

Captain Freeagle here!

With all of the recent events going on, I have come to the realization that my comic is hitting a bit too close to home for some folks, especially with the political references. In the nine years that I’ve been drawing art and comics in this community, I have never seen such a level of angst among my artist friends. Unfortunately, this looks set to intensify. That has led me to sit down and really think about the subject matter and the future of my comic.

For many of the private conversations I’ve had with folks, it seems to be an even split. Some folks love the satire – other folks absolutely hate it because the satire hits way too close to home and comes across as a dark reminder of current events. The South Park formula isn’t for everyone and I realize that.

One consistent thing I have been hearing is that each day, the news feeds continually get more grim with one dark revelation after another. This led me to this question. When there is darkness, what do people seek?

They seek the light.

I’m considering a change in direction for the comic. Once I post up the last two weeks worth of panels for my proof of concept issue, the plan is to change the web-comic formula a bit from a story line based comic to a slice of life approach where I’ll focus on humor, fun characters and the bizarre things that our cigar smoking, former superhero with a hangover runs into everyday. I really want the comic to be something that readers enjoy.

For the print run comic series itself, I’d like to concentrate on my cold war origin story instead. There’s a lot more humor involved and its a fun, exciting, fresh story. I even have a script set aside.

I welcome anyone to chime in with ideas about what you think of the comic and where you would like to see it go.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to your feedback!

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