2002. A year of cultural complacency. America has been resting on its laurels since Captain Freeagle won the cold war against the red communists back in 1962. Forty years of peace has brought forth an era known as the Pax Americana. In this modern world, vacuum tubes, rotary phones, CRTs, radios, typewriters and inefficient, heavy steel cars are considered state of the art technology. ‘Merica has its very own superhero who has essentially become a god of mass consumption and propaganda, starring in radio programs, TV shows, comic books, movies and a litany of government endorsed products. ‘Merica is safe with Capt. Freeagle!


There is only one problem. The real Captain Freeagle has been shelved from public view to a retirement filled with booze and football due to a Superhero Nonproliferation Treaty being signed years ago. The United States Government has featured his image in all sorts of propaganda to get the public excited and gin up patriotism. These typically featured actors, cheap special effects and voice-overs to give the impression that the real Captain was involved.


The Pax America seems to be lasting, however things are about to change, and quick. In this clunky world, the people have cheeky optimism and feel complacent in their modern empire of convenience. This is all turned upside down when America’s beer supply and strategic beer reserve comes under attack by an unexpected terrorist menace in addition to scheming by dubious politicians and celebrities who aim to take advantage of the chaos caused by this along with a contested national election for their own means! Now a drunk, retired former superhero must rise up to save the day and confront a world he is unprepared for, with hilarity to ensue! Can the Captain save ‘Merica and the beer?



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Captain Freeagle
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Captain Freeagle can best be described as Team America meets Hanna Barbera in post cold war 1960's America! Join Captain Freeagle and the Freedom Squad in this humorous and politically incorrect web comic as they protect America and the strategic beer reserve from scheming celebrities, evil terrorists and dubious politicians such as Justin Beaver, Jihad Goat Laden and Donald Trunk! Captain Freeagle is best enjoyed with a good cigar and a shot of whiskey or a nice cold beer!